Curriculum as Literacy

Growing up I always struggled with mathematics. I always sought extra guidance from both my teachers and peers when it came to math, as succeeding was very important to me. Being able to both understand and perform the actions expected of me kept me driven when it came to making the right decisions. As middle school turned into high school the struggle continued and it was harder for me to get the help I needed as staying after school became less likely as I took on extracurriculars and a job. There are many ways to teach math, the hardest part is the educator will teach it in the way they believe is the best, but may not have been the best way for all of us. I always wonder if maybe the lesson was taken from a different approach, if I would have understood a lot easier.

Inuit mathematics takes a different approach, they are taught to understand and learn in base 20 (I did not know about this way of learning until Math 101), learning to stories/ different ways of understanding from their elders, a freedom to create and understand in a different approach than solving assigned questions out of a textbook. This opens educators up to understanding that different ways of teaching and learning should be available within the classroom to help students become more successful and understood within their learning experience.

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