EDTC 300 Self Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome to, or back to my blog! My name is Sydney Kawa and on this platform you can expect to see weekly updates on my weekly learning project alongside professional posts I have created during my journey to becoming an elementary school teacher. I am currently in my third year second semester of the elementary education program, and am taking many classes including EDTC 300 (Introduction to Educational Technologies and Media).

When it comes to educational technology I can honestly say that I do not have a diverse understanding or great knowledge on the subject. In fact, this is my first time creating a Twitter account that allows me to be surrounded by other educators and education students and see in real time what is happening in the education world within Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole. I have never followed news sources that automatically connect me to new information in Saskatchewan’s education system and was not able to see what others, who are enrolled in the same program as myself, have been encountering/encouraging. I feel like EDTC 300, as a class, is bringing me closer to my peers as well as real life events that take place within a very important field of my own life.

This is my third year blogging, if you dig deep (or simply click on the menus I have created at the top of my blog) you will be able to see posts that I made back in my first year, first semester of University! I truly enjoy the process and am working on making my blog space more enjoyable to look at aesthetically and am still learning new ways to create an organized space where others can come and learn about who I am and the projects I am currently working on. Along with enjoying the blog process itself I also find it very intriguing to read about my peers who are also taking EDTC 300 at the moment as well. Since we are not all sitting in a class together at this moment in time, due to the global pandemic, I find reading others blog posts bring me closer to knowing them and learning about who they are along with their interests and skills. Along with research I have completed on my own to further enrich myself I have found many sources including 20 Tools for Online Teaching which I personally found interesting and of appropriate use during this time.

An online source that I came across upon further research.

I hope that you all enjoy my weekly blog posts and are able to learn about me, as well as come along on my journey of learning how to perfect both sugar cookies and decorating with royal icing! It is so nice to meet you all and be part of our own blog community, I cannot wait to read about you all as well!

A photo of me so you can put a face to the blog! Hello everyone!

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