Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hello everyone and welcome back or welcome to my learning project where we have officially reached week number nine which in my case is the finale to my learning project! Last week on my blog post, Flower Power, I posted a poll where readers were able to vote on what they thought my final learning project shape would be. The three options I gave where a bunny and an easter egg, a rainbow, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Not one person voted for a rainbow but here we are! Spoiler alert: I LOVE THEM! Lately I have been super into everything pastel, the colours bring me so much joy and I hope they do for you too. Whether I am able to decorate my house with pastel blankets and vases, buy a pastel top, or even eat pastel cookies, I am there for it all! So, that is exactly what I did this week and without anything in particular being my inspiration I just simply went for it!

For the finale of my learning project I wanted to add something special to my blog post. Here is a YouTube video that I made about the process of my final project! Enjoy!

I was a little beat down from last weeks creation not turning out the way I wanted them to. It almost felt like I was back tracking since I thought my cacti sugar cookies from week two were even better than the flower cookies I created all the way in week number eight. This week I knew I had to bring it with everything I had and keep my confidence level up through every step. However, my cookies this week were not going to let me off easy as the dough did not want to roll out smoothly, rather it wanted to crack at the edges and rip apart when the rolling pin was flattening it. I rolled out the dough as lightly as I could and even though the edges of the dough cracked I knew I would be able to re-roll the dough and smooth it out once the first set of cookies were cut from the middle portion. Once the cookies were all cut, baked, and cooled it was time for decorating. The difference between this week and the past eight weeks is I was going to use five different colours of icing, but this time I was going to put all five on one cookie. The largest amount of different coloured icing I had used so far on one cookies was two colours. That’s it.

Ending off on best creation? I think so!

While I was mixing together a very large batch of royal icing, my hand mixer decided to give out and one of the beaters stopped spinning, the motor began smoking, and the beaters became stuck inside of the machine. So I drove to Walmart, bought a new mixer, came home and opened the box and the beaters that were in the box did not go with the mixer that I bought. With that being said I went back to Walmart, returned the mixer, bought a new one AGAIN, came home and by this time the icing I made was hard so I made a new batch. The new batch of icing was a little thick at the start and was not flooding evenly, so I added more egg whites to each colour and began creating my rainbow. I started with the top section which was pink and then moved to purple, blue, yellow, and then the white clouds. Rather than working on one cookie at a time I added pink to every cookie and then went in with purple after each cookie had a pink layer in order to ensure the icing was dry enough to add a different colour of icing without them bleeding into one another. This method worked out so well for me! When it got to the white icing for the clouds it seemed to vary in consistency at the beginning from sitting a little bit too long. This was due to it taking so long to add all the other colours to the rainbow, but after the first four or so cookies it became perfect for flooding and definitely added the finishing touches to the cookies!

The final product!

Thank you all for joining me on my nine week long learning project journey! I hope that you had as much fun as I did these past few months as I was able to learn and grow each and every time I was able to create a new design. If you want to see more content from me please follow me on Twitter! I hope that you all have a great week and try something new! Thank you for sticking around.

A few more of my classmates are also working on cooking/baking-related projects that you should all take some time and check out as well! Branden Smith focuses on making a new meal from scratch every week for his family members, and then each member rates the meal on a scale from one to ten! Also, Shana Blenkin focuses her blog around baking beautiful confections from bagels, buns, and even sugar cookies (and hopefully this week she will try out churros as per my recommendation hehe)! I highly recommend checking out both of their blogs as I have enjoyed them each and every week.

Until next time,



  1. These turned out so good!! Keep challenging yourself and you’ll continue these amazing, delicious-looking milestones!


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