Contributing to the Learning Of Others

Over the past four months I have been contributing to others’ learning within our class, Introduction to Educational Technologies and Media 300. How fitting that we all ended up taking this class during a time where we have never relied on social media more to both connect us as human beings, and connect both teachers and students within classrooms during a global pandemic. This blog post will be dedicated to the contributions I have put forth through different social media sources such as: Slack, Twitter, and my own personal blog on WordPress through both posts and comments. Breaking each source into its own category, here is how I contributed to the learning of others.


I had never used or even heard of Slack before entering this class! However, once I was introduced to it during the first week of the semester I knew it would be put to use and was hoping it would be effective. Overall I found it to be very useful and engaging. Not only was it fun to see everyones thoughts and favourite gifs being shared throughout the last four months, but it was very practical in the sense that you could ask a question and be certain that you would get an answer or two within at least fifteen minutes. I personally always kept my Slack notifications on so that if I saw a question that I knew the answer to I would be able to jump on it as quickly as I could, or at least offer my help out to another student. Here are some examples of my contribution on Slack:

Helping my peers with video editing.
Helping with technical difficulties and suggestions.
Resource sharing a Twitter chat called #GoalChat.


I had attempted to use Twitter back in middle/high school, however, I did not know how to properly utilize the website and opted to use Instagram instead. This resulted in me deleting my first ever Twitter account and then starting fresh for the class. Over the past few months I have gone from zero tweets to a total of 140 tweets and counting. In order to implement Twitter into my daily routine I set aside time every afternoon to either tweet out a resource or release a new blog post and share it through Twitter, as well as reply to others tweets within the hashtag edtc300. I also took part in three #SaskEdChats that allowed me to both share and read the opinions of other educators across Saskatchewan. It was a way to both become educated and understand that all voices are heard and our opinions within the #SaskEdChat are valued. Below is a scroll through of my Twitter account as well as some pictures that allow for you to see the work I have implemented onto Twitter.

Participating in #SaskEdChat
Sharing educational resources with classmates.
Replying to other #edtc300 students’ tweets.
Scroll through of my Twitter account/all of my tweets so far.

My Blog:

My blog consists of posts based on my sugar cookie and royal icing learning project, my thoughts and journey throughout EdTech 300, comments on others blog posts, and online resources that I used to guide my posts. Throughout my learning project I was able to share my favourite learning resources, create ping backs to other classmates and their blog posts, and create YouTube videos as well as a TikTok and an Instagram reel to include into my posts. I shared and cited educational resources that were listed with our EdTech 300 reading list, while discussing key concepts and implementing the highlighted ideas/suggestions into my own learning and future classroom.

Above this text is a document that holds all of the blog comments I have made to other classmates throughout the entire semester, it is organized from week one all the way to week ten! In some comments I even added resource links to information that I felt would benefit other students based on their blog post for the week. I highly enjoyed reading their weekly blog prompt ideas, seeing their embedded resources, reading their personal thoughts and triumphs during their learning projects, and being introduced to new ideas and a differing perspective from my own.

Embedding YouTube videos into my blog posts to help others understand my learning project on a more personal level through watching rather than always reading.
Adding both links and explaining step by step how to use Animoto to make it easier for others who are wanting to use this video editing software.
Embedding links to all the resources I found during my learning project in order to potentially help readers learn the same skills.
Commenting on Ian’s blog post with a YouTube video link that I believe to be a good resource to go along with his yoga learning project.

Throughout the past four months I have learned how to use numerous platforms to both help myself and others through our learning journeys. Through Twitter, Slack, and my own personal blog I have been able to aid peers through contributing to their personal learning. Through online resources such as YouTube videos, TikToks, Instagram reels, educational articles, weekly zoom classes, the Saskatchewan education curriculum, Feedly, etc., I have been able to support both my own learning while contributing to others within EdTech 300.

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