Technology and Creative Thinking

Let us begin with a brief overview of YouTube and its large progression over the past sixteen years. YouTube is a video sharing platform that has gained popularity over the years and has become one of the most popular platforms on the internet. YouTube was first launched in the year 2005 and all began with a video titled ‘Me at the zoo‘ which lasts for a total of nineteen seconds and contains a man standing in front of a heard of elephants at the San Diego Zoo. Coming across a video title that actually has something to do with the content of a video nowadays is hard to come by especially since ‘clickbait’ has become a very common tool to get views and engagement on a video. YouTube has also created a platform for regular everyday people to create a name for themselves by uploading consistently on their own YouTube channels and gaining an audience based on their personalities and the creative ideas they come up with. When someone, such as myself, comes across a channel they enjoy they can subscribe to that person so that they are notified every time that channel uploads a new video. For example I am subscribed to a few channels and watch their videos every time they upload, and every time I watch a video they earn a view from me as well as Adsense from me watching the video and viewing the ads they have placed throughout. YouTube started as a platform to upload videos and turned into a website where users can earn thousands of dollars through brand sponsorships, AdScense, money per view, selling their own merchandise, and even creating their own brands, promoting it and then making money through this as well.

Now, when it comes to using YouTube as a tool within the classroom I find that it could be very useful as it holds great informative content that contains valuable information. Whether you are teaching or learning about anatomy, greek mythology, number theory, the history of Shakespeare, etc., there will always be content based on what you are searching for. As stated by Michael Wesch in the video An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube “9,232 hours of footage is uploaded everyday” meaning that all hours of footage are accessible to anyone who has access to YouTube, and this was statistics all the way back from the year 2008. Since then the footage per day being uploaded to the platform has changed to 720,000 hours a day which works out to 500 hours every minute. This is a lot of information to take in, but you may be wondering, how does YouTube as a whole effect teaching as well as the outcome of my future classroom?

As a future educator I see the benefits of bringing YouTube as a whole into my classroom, doing my research on the videos I present to my students, as well as make sure it will benefit the learning process for them as well. In Educational Technologies 300 we spoke about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to social media. However, as an educator I hope to teach the importance of being safe on the internet, not just on YouTube but on all forms of the internet that students may come across or feel as though they should make a public account. These forms include Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and whichever new forms of social media are released within the years I teach. Twenty years from now the world of social media and the concept of the internet will not be the same as they are today, but how it will differ is beyond me at this time. When I was in elementary school we had a box television on a cart that also had a CD and VHS player, this was as close as we had been to getting information in video format, but the teacher would have to watch through movies and tapes just to find information that would be valuable to us as learners. Now teachers are able to put a certain topic into the YouTube search engine and they are given dozens of results and informational videos based on the search, which in my opinion is a great advantage.

There will always be advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the internet. We, as future educators, need to be aware of the trends, social media platforms that are taking off, what the students we are teaching are interested in, and how their presence online is affecting them personally. As for schools in general, from Kindergarten to University, I personally feel like technology has had a very strong and positive roll. Throughout the time we have had so far within the pandemic technology has allowed for classes to continue, for community to be built, and for us to stay connected even when we are apart from one another. We meet through zoom, hand in our assignments through school websites or email, connect through Twitter and Slack, and write out our thoughts on blog posts. Without technology this would not be possible. It helps each and every one of us as future educators in understanding how the world of education can still progress and benefit with technology. Now that we have each dealt with the negatives of a pandemic we will be able to carry out learning and be more educated on how to implement different platforms into our classroom diligently and appropriately.

To complete this blog post, let us share our favourite YouTube channels, they can be educational or channels you prefer to watch on your spare time, and a brief description. Maybe we will be able to connect through shared favourites or even be treated to a new channel that we have never discovered before! I will begin: Emma Chamberlain (vlog style, fashion, cooking), Mia Maples (home renovations, hauls, trends), Good Mythical Morning (taste tests, reviews, games). Please leave your top channels below! Thank you all for reading!

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  1. Hey Sydney, great post.
    I don’t personally watch many youtube views as entertainment it’s mostly for school or sometimes if friends send me a video. I also can’t even imagine what technology and social media will like in 10 and 20 years. Looking back on technology and had much it has advanced, we definitely wouldn’t be able to be taking the classes and continuing like we are at this time. The youtube channels you mentioned sound very interesting to me and I might even have to check them out!


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