Something Magical

Hello everyone and welcome back to my learning project! I did not think I would be blogging about my sugar cookies again anytime soon but I made a mistake thinking we only needed nine weeks of learning project posts when, in fact, we actually needed ten! So surprise! I am back again with my week ten which is my last attempt at making sugar cookies before I wrap everything up in my next post. If anything, this week has been a roller coaster surrounding these sugar cookies and I got it on all camera. I decided this week to vlog a couple of days in my life with the main objective in the first vlog to be making the sugar cookies (mixing, rolling, chilling, baking) and then the second vlog about decorating the cookies. Within the vlogs I also added bits and pieces of my everyday live, struggles, thoughts, and opinions which you are free to watch, but do not have to. I just thought that I would let you all know that I vlogged these two days and posted them on YouTube. They are long videos, so I understand if you did not want to stick around for the whole thing, I just enjoy creating vlogs as well as the editing process and figured I would share.

I just want to make it clear that I am not trying to promote my YouTube channel, just that I have the process on camera and it is a little more personal than just reading the blog or going to class together through zoom. So skip if you would like.

First vlog including making the sugar cookies, Disney trivia, going to Starbucks, and my daily life.
Second vlog including decorating sugar cookies, enjoying the sunshine, talking about Instagram, and Disney apartment decor.

Moving on! Since I only thought we needed nine weeks of the learning project I had run out of cookie cutters, so I headed back to Bulk Barn (I am sure they are sick of seeing me) and bought three more cookie cutters so that I could have options, but wanted to choose one that would be difficult to complete in order to showcase how far I have come from week one to week number ten. The three cookie cutters that I decided to purchase were a butterfly, a unicorn head, and a pineapple. I overall decided on the unicorn head as it would take many different elements to complete such as the base coat for the head, the slim unicorn horn, as well as a colourful mane. For the first time I also incorporated edible pearl dust into my royal icing which I found to be quite fun and love the pearlescent touch it added to my unicorn horn. In my first vlog I have the whole process of actually making and baking the dough, so if you are interested the time stamp link is 5:27. In the second vlog I made the royal icing and decorating a couple of the unicorn heads with the white base coat at the time stamp 4:35, and then I show the final product at 9:00 (so if you do not want to watch both of the videos in full please click on the time stamp links)!

Unicorns final product! Do you think they are better than the rainbows?

I began with the base coat for the icing which is the white icing that you can see layered beneath the mane to create the nose, head, and neck of the unicorn. Then I began making the mane where I started with the pink and moved on to the blue and finished off with purple. After all four colours were hardened enough to not create dents in the icing if I accidentally hit it with my hand, I went in with yellow icing which is the portion where I added edible pearl dust to the mixture and piped it onto the cookie. If you look at the cookie on the very bottom of the photo to your left you will be able to see a slight difference in the pink portion of the mane. This is because I took the pearl dust and sprinkled it onto the pink icing after I piped it and rather than making it sparkle it turned into thick flecks of white. That is not what I wanted. So I finished piping the remaining colours of the mane, and finally when I got to mixing the yellow royal icing for the horn I came to the conclusion of mixing the pearl dust straight in to the mixture and it worked! It came out smooth and sparkly, adding a touch of something magical to my final cookie!

Close up!

After sitting for about half an hour I went in with an icing pen (which is a pen used for writing on cookies that is edible) and drew on the eyes and eyelashes to add another aspect to the finished product. This step is also new to me! Cheers to trying two new decorating techniques on my OFFICIAL final week of cookie decorating! The next blog post you will see in this collection of posts will be my overall learning experience throughout the total ten weeks.

I would also like to acknowledge the post on Pinterest that inspired the decorating process of my finished sugar cookie which was created by Angelica Made Me. I also made my first ever TikTok for something extra to add to this post. It is very simple as I had never used the app for anything other than searching for decorating inspiration so I hope that you check that out as well!

Photo and inspiration credit: Angelica Made Me on Pinterest.

A few more of my classmates are also working on cooking/baking-related projects that you should all take some time and check out as well! Branden Smith focuses on making a new meal from scratch every week for his family members, and then each member rates the meal on a scale from one to ten! Also, Shana Blenkin focuses her blog around baking beautiful confections from bagels, buns, and everything in between. I highly recommend checking out both of their blogs as I have enjoyed them each and every week.

My first ever TikTok (and most likely my last).


  1. Hey Sydney,
    I love that you included a couple vlogs to complete your learning project! The detail on your unicorn sugar cookies is amazing! I enjoyed checking in on your project each week, and you have shown a lot of really cool results! Nice work!


    1. Sydney,
      Those cookies look absolutely divine! I loved the vlogs and being able to see the process as well as see into your life. Thank you so much for sharing!

      – Kelsey


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