Minecraft Treasure

My Minecraft coding certificate! Yay!

Going into our blog prompt this week I can honestly say that I was very intimidated. I have never even had a conversation about code in my life, let alone actually perform coding a game myself. However, Code.org laid out all the steps with video prompts that definitely made the process much more enjoyable and successful for me. I chose to take part in the websites Hour of Code option and ended up coding my way through Minecraft’s Voyage Aquatic where I was able to win Minecraft treasure! It truly was an adventure as I was halfway through the experience and thought I was not going to make it to the end since half the time I was not sure whether to turn my character left or right. I also learned closer to the end of my coding process that you can delete one singular step in the code setup rather than the whole thing, which made everything work so much faster and I was able to fix my mistakes with ease.

My first ever code puzzle completed.

The theme of the game as well as the video instructions between certain levels were very clear and helpful, I also found the differing codes within the ‘blocks’ space to be appropriate to each puzzle and each served a purpose. I did not use every code that was offered, but if I were to go back and use code more often I would find use for them. At this point I was just trying to get a good understanding on how to complete the puzzles in the most strategic way, but if I were to be more adventurous with my avatar I would have found use for more of the codes. I also found Code.org to be useful in the sense of entertainment and themes. Some of the themes you are able to chose from on the website are Star Wars, Minecraft, Flappy Bird, Space Invaders, Frozen, Angry Bird, etc. Making this coding source great for all levels of education. As someone who has never experienced coding I did find this slightly difficult even though it was an elementary/middle school level of coding. However, for someone who has never coded before this was the perfect level of difficulty for me to both learn and also not want to give up on the experience.

If I can code, anyone can code!

Code is important, in specific, for elementary education as it allows for children to be creative, have a sense of being in control, to learn to be strategic, and experiment with different ideas and ways of coding. Even as a student in University I found the certificate at the end of the hour of coding to be both rewarding and fun, so imagine the motivation and accomplishment that a young student would feel completing their own hour of code. If coding is an activity that a student finds particularly rewarding it could benefit their future and their decisions on a career as an adult. As technology continues to progress, the need for computer/software programmers are in demand and it takes both math and coding skills to achieve these positions. It also shows children that math is not just being able to use a calculator, rather, it is propelling students to progress and have a larger sense of math and what makes it so important.


  1. Hello Sydney!
    The Minecraft coding activity looks like it was very fun! I agree that the themes of the coding activities were very engaging. I found them fun as a university student and my mom did the hour of code with me and even she found them interesting!


  2. Hi Sydney!
    I love this Minecraft activity. I chose to use Scratch for my weekly inquiry, however, after reading your post I might have to go try the Hour of Code as well! I absolutely agree that although this program is made for elementary school aged children, us University people are able to enjoy it aswell! I’m so happy you had a good experience and I love the certificate you have!


  3. Wonderful job, Sydney! It sounds like you learned a lot through this process. Coding is definitely a skill that takes time, practice, and intention. You are modeling life-long learning to others by engaging in this new experience and reflecting on all the challenges and celebrations that took place. Great job! I have also tried the Minecraft coding activity and had a similar experience as you. I found it difficult to get started, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to navigate it much better. I love that you got the certificate to show your accomplishment as well! Thank you for describing the importance of coding and all of the skills children can learn from it. You did a wonderful job summarizing your experiences this semester and you can be so proud of everything you accomplished!


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